Monday, January 08, 2007

Ultimate in HardDrives arrives : All Flash, No Platters!

And, no moving parts either.

Yes, everybody were predicting this since quite some time. Finally, SanDisk rolls out 32 GB flash hard drives for Laptops. Soon, we may have these for our desktop too, and present capacity barrier of 32 GB will no longer be there. Further, since it is all static device, it will have many other benefits as well.

Well, what are the benefits? According to Doreet Oren, director of product marketing for SanDisk,

  • Unlike traditional hard drives, flash memory drives do not contain moving parts. As a result, flash devices are less prone to breaking down--flash cards can survive drops from great heights--and consume less energy. SanDisk's flash drive can increase battery life by about 10 percent.
  • Flash Drive also can retrieve data faster. In its own tests, Sandisk flash drive can boot-up Windows Vista--the next version of the Windows operating system--in 35 seconds, a half-minute faster than the 55-second boot-up time required with a conventional drive.
  • Drive is packaged into a 1.8-inch package, mostly to make it easier for notebook makers to adopt it. The package can be shrunk (to reduce the overall size of the notebook) or increased so that a flash drive could fit into a notebook with a 2.5-inch drive chassis, and other form factors will obviously be supported.

However, the present high cost of about $600 will make it extremely expensive for an average user. Still, it is hoped, someday, all HardDrive will be Flashed!

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