Saturday, February 10, 2007

First look at Fedora core 7

Fedora core 7 is slated to be released at the end of April 2007. However its test version is available for download and preview.

I tested Fedora core 7 test live CD in my Celeron 1.4 Ghz, 256 MB RAM machine. The first thing came to my notice - Fedora now has neat and clean, Desktop computer like interface. It now has neat program / application menu, where applications are neatly arranged. It reminded me of Windows Desktop. Windows users may now feel familiar with Fedora core 7 program menu. In fact, it has Accessories program menu which contains Archive Manager, Calculator, Character Map, Dictionary, Terminal (the command prompt) and Text Editor (notepad) - how windowish!

Further, a new taskbar menu called Places contains Home folder, Desktop, Computer and Network - handy since most users frequent these places most often. However, Fedora core 7 still uses Nautilus File manager, which is not the best option. Instead, the new, XFCE's file manager Thunar that can be used independently might be a better option - Thunar is better in every count - is fast and feature rich in comparison to plain odd Nautilus.

The other big difference you will notice in this distribution - applications of Fedora Extra are merged in Fedora core, and there may not be fedora extra any more.

You can download Fedora core 7 (test built) torrents from here and distribution images from here

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Shankar Ganesh said...

Hope It Rocks!
Now, I am contented with Ubuntu and SUSE.

Raviratlami said...

I too hope so. But I am Mandriva fan :)

nikhil said...

i m a fan of fedora
i m ver disappointed with feodra 6 hoping a lot from FC 7

Raviratlami said...

Yes, Nikhil, fedora is lagging behind SUSE, Ubuntu in many count. Further, it must provide out-of-the-box Full multimedia support.

Aditya Sharma said...

I don't think Fedora Core will ever give something like Thunar instead of Nautilus, as it has Gnome as desktop environment in the default installation. Nautilus is tightly integrated with Gnome. Thunar will be considered an alien application. Users will have to get Xfce/Thunar separately.

BTW I use Xubuntu 6.10 Edgy, which has Xfce by default, and doesn't install any unnecessary GNOME application, which makes it a pretty slim and fast system. Do try your hands on it if you get time.

Aditya Sharma said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ferroderro said...

can any1 guide me in selecting the linux version? which 1 is more user freindly and runs on my P4 laptop?

Raviratlami said...

IMHO, Kbuntu or Mepix will be best.

Anonymous said...

This is perhaps the worst, most uninspired review of an OS that I have ever read. Not only is this review devoid of *any* meaningful insight it was also incredibly superficial and the author (who will no doubt be deleting this post) comes off as a complete and utter HACK.

Graham said...


I think the author should leave your post here just to prove a point of how narrow minded some people can be (IE you).If you would like to post some info on this os feel free. If you'd like to post an opinion on this os feel free. Where you justify calling someone a hack i don't know. Boards are here for a reason, if you don't like them look somewhere else!!

Raviratlami said...

It is my blog man! AND not a PC World review center. Still, I had taken point from you. Thanks for your comment.

Thanks for your candid words. I agree with you. I simply share here what I learned and what I fell, that is all and that matters to me :)

Isaac sunder singh said...

Hi got to your blog very much intrested in fc 7 ! not happy with fc 6. To fillinthe details Im at a school we teach 800 students using Fc5 and mandriva 2007
my email
Isaac Singh

racoco said...

I tried to install FC6-64bit on a Dell optiplext 745 system w/o success. investigating various fc6 discussion boards, it became clear that others also had significant problems (hardware too new, etc...)

does anyone know if fc7-64 installs on the dell optiplex 745 workstation? does 32-bit?


Anonymous said...


You deffinetly should be able to get fc6 running on ur dell. Most likely a bios thing.

Adrian Sender.

John Kohler said...

Fedora Cores 4, 5, and 6 will not configure a PCMCIA external modem as ppp0 in ttyS3, unlike Fedora Core 3 which works fine in my laptop Dell Inspiron 4150

I hope Fedora 7 will.

sps said...

i am new in linux. i installed fedora but i am unable to connect to internet and if i am installing unbrakable linux from oracle i can connect to internet but sreen resalution is an issue. so i have one or other ploblem please help.

sneha,student said...

i am new user of fedora core 7. planning to switch from windows to linux so i started off with fc7.:) i have installed vlc media player, but the volume is very low compared to that in windows. i tried installing real player, xmms. but the volume is very low. i have checked the volume controls in the control panel too, they r in maximum. could u please help me out. if this is fixed i would be very happ with the waya linux works!!

Raviratlami said...

hi Sneha,
Perhaps you have not increased volume through volume MIXER settings.

You may find this in start menu program. try this, your problem will be solved, as in Mixer, default volume is set to about 25%

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