Sunday, February 11, 2007

Top 10 Valentine gift ideas

Well, if you believe me, there is no such thing as top 10 great gift ideas for Valentine. Or, for any occasion, like Christmas or birthday. There is only one - I repeat - only one (one for each gender, to be precise,) evergreen great gift idea. If you still believe me, read on...

Great Valentine gift for him:

Men love gadgets. The more complex the gadgets becomes, men like them more. If a man finds a complex program that needs one and a half day to install and run, just to type a dozen line of simple text, then he gets immense kick and pleasure. Simple dumb programs do not attract him much. If you gift him a microprocessor controlled complex looking real complex beer can opener tool, he will thank you a million time, love you equally more and will proudly show his prized gadget to every passerby. Got my point? So rush to a hardware shop, find a real complex, ultra modern tool for your man. Even if he had all kinds of tools and gadgets that he may dream of, you can still gift him similar, slightly different. It will make no difference. He will love to have it, have them all.

Great Valentine gift for her:

Women love gifts. However small may be. They love simple, usable gifts. But they actually love ‘BUYING gifts'. Women love shopping. Got my point? Let me elaborate further. You love your woman, and want to surprise her with a great expensive gift. You secretly buy one and present her at that special moment. In all probability, she may hurt inside because she instantly know that the color scheme does not suit her skin, but apparently, she will show you that she is very happy. Either she will not use your gift any more (may be due to a different size, if color is acceptable) and dump it in her cupboard, or she will exchange it very next day. Now you got my point? Yes, gift your woman shopping experience. Take her to shopping mall to buy a valentine gift for herself and you pay the bill. If you do not want to get over budget, tell her the upper limit to spend. In all probability, she will spend much less than that, and still feel happy.


Happy Valentine day!

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Summer said...

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