Saturday, March 24, 2007

Mobile Blogging - are you ready?

Facility to blog through mobile phones were available for quite some time in Blogger mobile, but only for a limited mobile network, and that too in America. Mobile Blogging facility that is real plain and simple was not available in countries like India. Now many players have come in to the field and blogging platform like ibibo who is pushing blogging by awarding top bloggers thousands of Dollors are pushing Mobile blogging in a big way.

Ibibo has introduced facility for Mobile blogging through simple SMS. It is predicted that Blogging through simple SMS may definitely increase quantity of bloggers and blogs, if not the quality.

Mobile blogging at ibibo is very easy. You need to open a blog account if you have not done it already and then register your mobile phone at ibibo by giving its number. Sine mobile blogging is provided through SMS, any network and nay mobile phone can be used. You will be asked to provide the password that is sent to your mobile number which is registered. The process of registering mobile looks pretty secure. Once your mobile is registered with that particular blog, you will be ready to blog through SMS instantly.

To post a blog post through SMS, all you need to type a message - with the first word Blog. It means, type Blog and then after space, type your blog content and send this message to 676746. A little while after, you will be asked to submit post title. Simply reply this message with Posttitle as first word followed by space and the title of the post. And voila! Your blog is published through your mobile. Your post status is then confirmed again through SMS.

I tried to publish Unicode Hindi content in my ibibo blog post. I used Reliance India Mobile CDMA service and a basic LG mobile phone which had inbuilt Hindi SMS support. The result appears as ??????? which you can see :

It means, the Unicode encoding had been broken somewhere while in communication. Ibibo not only does support Unicode Indic languages but it provide online keyboard for these languages too. I had submitted my bug report there. Let us see when we will be able to post our blog through our mobile in our own language (read Unicode). Posting blogs in English are error free and fun. If you neglect the problem of writing long blogs through tiny mobile keys, then Mobile blogging is all set to rock. If you have smart phones that does support Handwriting recognition, and you can write through digital pencil, then you can imagine the scenario. The age of mobile blogging will come sooner than one can imagine. Photo-blogging through mobile phones having good inbuilt camera can revolutionize the way world blog!

Are you ready?

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