Thursday, March 22, 2007

What are you doing?

Why the hell I should take interest in the silly things like knowing - what are you doing at this very instant? Conversely, why you will be interested in me and that - what I am doing?

But, wait, just wait. What Bill Gates, Britany Spears or Shaharukh Khan are doing at this very instant may be very interesting to one and all. That is why paparazzi always chase celebrities endlessly. And, if your (or, mine) position matches to that of Gates, Spears and Khans; then everybody will take interest in what you are (or, I am) doing!

This very concept is behind this new web application called Twitter. This concept may look ugly, useless and nonsense in the first look, but you have to believe that Twitter's current weekly growth is above 20% and just within seven months after its launch, it has more than Sixty thousand registered users and growing. More than a million twitter messages had already been posted - all kinds of messages - What Twitterers were doing! Some are totally bored and some are really-really interesting.

Ivan William's company Obvious is behind this ‘Twitter' thing. This is the same Ivan, who had founded today's most popular blog platform Blogspot Blogger, which he had later sold to Google.

There is simple motto for Twitter. Tell the world in plain, odd 140 characters - what are you doing! The ‘world' may be your friend, foe or anonymous passerby persons - who may take interest in knowing what are you doing. To do this, you need to register at Twitter - which is all free and then tell the world - every minute , minute to minute - what you are doing. Your postings will be available to view to all or selected few as you wish in your Twitter settings. You can use Twitter code to publish your Twitter postings to anywhere in the internet - for example, in your Blog site. You can view other Twiterer's posting, make Twitter friend, join them or send them invitations and do many more similar things. Twitter does support Unicode characters (including complex Indic such as Hindi) , hence you can post your messages in any international language you wish.

The best part is yet to come - you can use Twitter postings through your mobile phones and Instant Messengers. Just enable them in Twitter settings and tell the world what are you doing even while you are on the go. Or, read about others on your mobile - what are they doing!

Twitter allows you to register as fake users. You can register yourself as Bill Gates (do not attempt it, this name has already been taken by someone) or Bill Clinton. But then it will be just for pocking fun, as nobody will take you seriously. And, if you Twitter a message as true, real person such as RaviRatlami, you may have chance to win friends and followers.

In future, there were plans to add more and more functionality in Twitter, and to transform it in a business model. But Twitter's developers are waiting to reach Twitter's user base to an acceptable mass and are more concentrated to build up resources of Twitter. They are pulling resources to the Twitter regularly, and, they looks pretty serious. See yourself to believe it-

So, What are you doing? If nothing of any significance, then why not Twitter it out - tell the world that you are doing nothing!

Reference: This article, Hat Tip: Debashish

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