Sunday, April 22, 2007

How to avoid mobile phishing attacks

They were quite active in internet using emails and web-sites. Now they have devised a new, innovative way. Phishers have started targeting innocent mobile phone users.

From now on, you may receive SMS that may read like this

"Official Microsoft ANNOUNCEMENT: Congratulations! Your mobile phone has won US$ 10 Million prize money. To claim your money, call this number XXXXXXXX tomorrow at 8 AM. Thank you. "

Obviously, steer clear of such messages and delete them immediately. If possible, lodge a report about the phone number in nearest police station.

There is a funny incident described at F-secure blog about one such mobile phishing attack.

It looks like that phishers use - the same method - they were using for Nigerian type phishing attacks - they lure targets showing they have Won money or some huge money needs to be fixed illegally on share basis. Once the target comes in their net, they extract money in the name of completing formalities.

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