Monday, April 23, 2007

Read World's first Blogger & Podcaster Magazine for free

World's first Blogger & Podcaster magazine is out. Blogger & Podcaster magazine comes with print as well as electronic versions.

You need to pay subscription fee for its print version but its electronic version is absolutely free. Blogger & Podcaster Magazine's electronic version uses innovative Olive ActiveMagazineTM format which looks like PDF format e-book but loads faster and gives you much clearer reading experience.

The pages are stacked electronic form, and you need to click on top right corner of magazine to turn pages. To navigate between pages, you can either use left or right arrow keys or page up - page down keys. You can zoom in and zoom out in pages. Anyway, it gives you near print version reading experience in its electronic form. It feels like you are reading a printed magazine in your computer monitor.

To read Blogger & Podcaster magazine online, you need to register yourself. Magazine's first ever issue - i.e. April 2007 issue suggests that the contents are rich and had variety of taste. Many articles are must read for every professional blogger.

Read Blogger & Podcaster April 2007 issue from here . You need browser that can handle java and java script (it means - it runs with default settings in Firefox and Internet Explorer but not in Opera)

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