Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Joost : TV, the way you want to see!

TV, the way you want it

The magic of television, with the power of the internet built right in. Joost puts you in control, and TV will never be the same again.

You will find these few words on the home page of a new startup called Joost ( ) . Now that you can find almost all kind of video and episodes of your favorite TV channels on the web services like YouTube and Blinks etc, and that too, for free - what is there in Joost which can be termed as new?

The aim of the Joost is to provide you full featured television channel through Internet. During beta testing, it looks like it had succeeded to a limited extent in what it believes - provided - a BIG provided - if you have extremely reliable BroadBand connection a minimum of 1 MBPS bandwidth. Anything low will simply and plainly not work. Joost can provide you CD quality Video and audio through internet. You can schedule, re-schedule and record your channels.

I had registered to Joost for Beta Testing about 2-3 months ago. They invited me to test their services recently. I randomly selected an episode World of Stupid from a Joost channel. I had BSNL broadband connection that claims to be of 2 MBPS. But it never goes beyond 50KBPS. Obviously, the channel show goes through heavy hiccups. But there is a work around. Simply pause the channel, and after about an hour or so, when sufficient buffer is stored in your computer hard disk, you can play and enjoy video smoothly.

Using Joost is very easy. It had about 10 MB installer (windows only) that needs to be installed in your computer, and that is all. Now you can see hundreds of channel all across from the world. You don't need cable or set-top box or a dish antenna. The best part of Joost is - it is absolutely free to watch. Joost had cleverly bundled forum and Chat window with Joost TV - to give you true Internet TV experience.

Joost is supported through contextual advertisements. You may see contextual advertisement on your video episodes. That means when you see an episode of a channel in India, you may see advertisement of an Indian Dhaba while if you watch the similar episode in London you may get advertisement of Harrods in between breaks.

Since Joost is advertisement supported, it is absolutely free. But there is a catch. It needs about 350 MB download and about 100 MB upload in an hour. It means, if you watch Joost for about 10 hours, you may end up consuming 1 GB bandwidth. And if you pay by data transfer rate, then it will be a big hole on your pocket. Therefore, unless you are having unlimited account, watching Joost is real costly affair.

Joost offers some extra facilities to watch your TV channels. You can watch your favorite TV channel any time, any place you want. All you need is BroadBand Internet connected computer. Not only this, you can create your own channels by arranging different channel episodes and scheduling them. You can record certain episodes to view later or reschedule for deferred view - just any thing is possible.

Presently, there were limited number of channels in Joost. But, in future, there may be hundreds. Due to only this reason alone, Joost is all set to rock. According to Joost Blog, talk is on with CBS Television network - all their channel will come to Internet through Joost.

Why are you waiting then? Start Joosting NOW!

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