Sunday, April 15, 2007

How to make our own blogs in Hindi?

Well, here are quick links that you can follow and learn the quickest way! And some are in Hindi as well!!!

Just, be assure that your browser had capability to display UNICODE Hindi. For this, just try this-

In your Browser Menu, Click on View>Encoding>Unicode (UTF-8) and you are done.

For many Hindi How to and Faq Links, visit this one source

How to blog in Hindi in Blogger / Wordpress - A flash video tutorial

How to blog in Hindi - A step-by-step guide

How to write in Hindi in your computer - A video tutorial on u-tube

How to type in Hindi in your computer - A bilingual tutorial - Must Read!

How to type in Hindi - Another flash Video tutorial

Hindi How To - Hindi FAQ

Hindi Computing - tools and techniques- Hindi Links - A thousand Hindi Links

Hindi Forum - Blog help

Hindi Forum - Hindi How to Help

Before you blog in Hindi - correct your style sheet!

Still confused? Comment on and we will be happy to help you out!

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sambit said...

you can use this convenient site:
to convert words typed in english directly to hindi script.and even google search in hindi !

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