Saturday, April 14, 2007

No! We were blogging in Hindi since 4 years!

In its Official blog, Google announced that Now you can Blog in Hindi.

In fact we, the bunch of about 500 odd Hindi Blogger were blogging in Hindi since last 4 years! And majority of us are in Google's Blogger platform - for which Google has made announcement.

I myself had started Hindi Blogging since June 2004 (the first one by Alok named 9-2-11) and since then I had posted about 300 posts!

What I think is that Google Blogger had added Hindi transliteration tool in its bloger writing tool, and wants to announce it the other way. But this announcement is entirely misleading.

May I hope a clarification in this regard from Blogger - err Google?

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Charles Vaz said...
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Charles Vaz said...

Ha ha, good point, Its all marketing. This is a good underlying point about South Asian Languages still needing web based translation for a wider audience. We need to have Hindi online translation of web sites too.

Check out my tech blog. I have a nice translation technique which works in IE (Win XP). Opera, Mozilla-Firefox and on Knoppix too. Also, check out my radio blog (if you scroll down on my blog) and play my favourite music from my blog.

Have fun & Take Care,


sheetal said...

hi guys,
recently i found a web translator wherein u type in english the script will get converted to is available in all indian is very easy to blogin hindi with this

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