Friday, April 13, 2007

This spam mail every body should read

I got this spam today. Initially I thought to send it on trash can. But it looks different. That is why I wanted to send everybody on my address book. Just then I though to blog it because, then everybody - other than my contacts - can read and know about it. I must appreciate the efforts of the group. I can Only say thanks by filling that form.

The mail reads:


We are a group of 4 like-minded people-

1. Gajraj Rao- Director (Code Red Films)

2. Subrat Ray- Producer (Code Red Films)

3. Manish Bhatt- Creative Director (Renowned Ad agency)

4. Raghu Bhat- Creative Director (Renowned Ad agency)

Apart from doing our routine jobs of creating TV commercials for our regular corporate

clients , this year we have created a three minute short film / music video titled Hostel for a highly relevant social cause.

Before reading further we would request you to click the link below to watch the film.

If you are really moved after watching the film please click the link below to fill up the online form.

If possible forward this mail to your relatives, friends and colleagues.

You can also send your feedback to

And here is the 5th week: Update of the "Hostel(Holi)" film..

1) More than 1,40,000 views of the film on YouTube within 5 weeks...( last highest views of any Indian TVC on Youtube was around 30,000 )

2) Countless people have filled up their Eye Pledge forms online..including many prominent people from corporate world e.g.Sameer Suneja of Perfetti, Ajay Kaul(CEO, Domino)...

3) Numerous people including even NRIs from remote countries of the world have sent positive feedback about the film...

4) An Official from UN Headquarters has shown interest in this project...

5) WHO(World Health Organization,Geneva) is sending a proposal to promote this project globally..

6) CPA- Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, Canada has found this project thought provoking & has forwarded the project for review by their members...

7) European Eye Bank Association is considering to support this project across Europe..

8) A Scottish Govt Executive is also in talk to promote the campaign there...

9) After seeing the film, one of the employees of Infosys is forming a volunteer group to spread awareness about eye donation. They would start with organising an eye donationcamp within their company.

10) After watching this film, Partho Bhowmick (who had initiated project- showcasing the work of the blind photographers ) has planned to screen the HOSTEL film in his forthcoming exhibition "Beyond Sight" at Zenzi, Bandra from first week of May 07.

11) Rotary Club of Bombay Hills South & ARPAN ( A Non Profit voluntary organisation) have come forward to provide the field work required locally for this Eye Donation project, after watching this film.

12) After watching the film, Maheshwari Pragati Mandal(which has 6500 members in Mumbai) now wants to voluntarily accelerate the registrations for eye donation by exhibiting the film in their programmes.

13) Bollywood legend & the Biggest superstar Mr Amitabh Bachchan has donated his voice to the film after watching it.

14) Lots of other Celebrities like Shankar Ehsaan Loy, Rimi Sen, Pooja Ghai, Koel Purie, Kartika Rane, Amrita Arora, Gul Panag, Sharman Joshi, Ashish Vidyarthi, A K Hangal, Piyush shah(cinematographer), Vidya Sagar( Tamil Music composer),Tippu(Tamil singer) have already donated their eyes after watching this film &/or have come forward to talk inspiring words about the film & the cause in front of camera... (click the links below)

Shankar Ehsaan Loy:

Rimi Sen:

Amrita Arora:

Gul Panag:

Koel Purie:

Kartika Rane:

Pooja Ghai:

Ashish Vidyarthi:

A K Hangal:

Piyush Shah(Cinematographer):

Vidya Sagar(Tamil Music Composer):

Tippu(Tamil Singer):

15) Indian Channels like Zoom, MTV Network, India TV Network, CNN IBN Network, Sahara network, ETC, Zee Network, NDTV Profit etc to support thecause by...Donating airtime...Placing donation forms at their website..making their VJs & Anchors to talk abt the project in their program...

16) An NRI corporate is planning to sponsor the airing of the film in UK TV channels.

17) We initially thought the film is only designed to appeal Indians...But To prove its universal appeal Recently the film has won BRONZE as Best Public Service communication across Asia Asia Pacific Advertising festival at Pattaya, Thailand... the Multi Nationality jury panel of this award consists - A South African- John Hunt (Former Cannes Jury President), 2 prominent Thai creatives( including Wiboon - the creator Soken DVD campaign), 2 Japanese creatives (including Masahiko Ishili- creator of classic Nissin cupponoodles "Hungry campaign & Toyota Human Touch), an australian creative. (click the
link below)

17) Radio channels e.g. Radio Mirchi, Big FM etc playing the song of the film on their stations.

18) Movie Halls have asked for the reels of the film to play on their screens

19) Malls have demanded to screen the film on their LCDs.

20) we have launched an exclusive website for this project :

Sincerely yours,

Gajraj Rao-91-9821340318

Subrat Ray-91-9821073491

Manish Bhatt-91-9223231716 or 91-9820606210

Raghu Bhat-91-9223231738

YouTube Link of the film:

Link of the Eye Donation Pledge Form:

This project is initiated by:


3/4, 2ND FLOOR,




PH: 91-22-26496601,

FAX: 91-22-26462761,


This project is supported by:


PH: 91-40-23544504,

TELEFAX: 91-40-23545454



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