Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The way the top bloggers blog…

(Amit Agrawal wrote about page views in Digital inspiration)

(Darren Rowse wrote about page views in Problogger)

Do you know how top bloggers blog? I mean, how they choose their subject? How they think a particular subject may interest their readers?

I have since been following some of the world’s top blogger’s blog and had found some interesting things that I wanted to share you.

Grab the big Stories from biggies.

Chances are, every top blogger will blog about big stories. No matter hundreds of other blogger out there may have blogged about the story earlier. And, many times they will be blogging and telling nearly same thing, but with a different language. So, if you are reading a couple of top bloggers, chances are you may be reading same stories multiple times. Here is an example –

Official Adesense blog blogged about a new adsense feature – Adsense ads now can have Rounded corners. Not a big thing. It simply is a new feature added to an existing service. Yet, top bloggers grabbed the stories. Darren Rowse wrote about it, Amit Agrawal wrote about it, Quick Online Tips blogged about it!

Similarly, recently there is a story about Page View – how Page Load is becoming irrelevant and actual page view time counts – Darren Rowse blogged about it, Amit Agrwal wrote about it, Mashable wrote about it.

When Adsense earning dips, Amit wrote about it and so is Rowse. When Adsense Referral 2 launched officially, Darren Rowse and Quick Online Tips were quick enough to grab the big news and blogged about it.

Moral of the story –

To become a top blogger yourself, Grab the big news. Blog about it. Even if hundreds may have already blogged about it since the news broke – you must blog anyway. And, when you really become a top blogger one fine day, you can freely blog rubbish – such as this one occasionally :)

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Anonymous said...

I did this by accident. One day I posted on a topic my readers were interested in and 3 days later I got a link from :-)


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