Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hey! ...I'm really not a very polite person! : Linus Torwalds


Recently, Linus Torwalds gave a detailed  interview to Asia's largest IT technology publication media house - EFY group. While giving answers to 35 questions - most of it were asked by readers, Torwalds taked about virtually everything, and very interesting.

He told along with many more such interesting things:

  • I actually tend to 'like' arguing
  • I've never really talked to MS, no.
  • hopefully, [there will] be some mutual respect [between Linux & MS] instead of just the fear and loathing.


You can find this interview not only insightful, but classic Torwalds style - Hugely Informative.


Must read for every one who matters in IT/Computers.


Read entire Interview in English Here

And, there is a translated version in Hindi here.


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