Monday, September 17, 2007

Hindi Localization of KDE4 project accepted

RGF-Sarai FLOSS fellowship for Hindi Localization of KDE4 
Sarai had accepted - for the forth time in succession –
my Hindi Localization Project.
My Earlier projects included – Gnome 2.8, KDE 3.5, OpenOffice2.0 Help.
This time, the project is sanctioned for Hindi Localization of KDE4.

Thanks to everyone at Sarai, who made this possible – else Linux Hindi

may not have the looks it has got today, and, with this project, it is all poised to

make tremendous improvement further!

Here is the latter of approval sent by Mr. Gora Mohanty of Sarai,
reproduced below:
Hello everyone,
  It gives us great pleasure to announce an initial list of proposals
that have been accepted for the RGF-Sarai FLOSS fellowships programme.
Here is the current list of fellows for the 2007-2008 cycle:
  o Sawood Alam, et al:
      Urdu localization of GNOME 2.20
  o Sachin Joshi, Venkatesh Keri:
      Hindi speech recognition system using CMU Sphinx framework
  o Ravishankar Shrivastava:
      Hindi localization of KDE 4
  o Dr. C. S. Yogananda, and D. Shivashankar:
      SAGAR: Typesetting Indian languages in TeX / LaTeX 
FLOSS fellows will be contacted independently to inform them of details.
 This year, we received over 30 proposals spanning a wide range of
topics, of which more than half were of high quality. It has been a
really difficult task for us to try to fit the number of excellent
proposals into the available resources, and in fact we have decided
to actively solicit more funding in order to be able to accommodate
more of these. Thus, in about 4 months time, we expect to make an
announcement of a second set of fellowships from among the short
list below:
  o Kishore Asok:
      A beginner's guide and video presentation on learning science
with Phoenix and free software
  o Niyam Bhushan:
      Documentation for 'Digital Color Workflows' under FOSS
  o Sriram Chaudhary, and Jagadeesh Gorla:
      Rupantar - An English to Hindi translation package
  o Abhishek Choudhary, Sweta Choudhary:
      Hindawi Indic programming languages and system software
  o Jayesh Goel
      Providing an information dissemination system for the city
public transport
  o Hassath
      Assessment of the ICT practices of a sample set of NGOs in Delhi,
and an exploration of their readiness to convert to FLOSS
  o Anand Kulkarni:
      Localizing Open Office user guide in Marathi and Urdu,and
development of animated software for Open Office instruction
  o Abhishek Kumar:
      Enhancement of Newsrack for media analysis
  o Prem Kumar, et al:
      Prajna FLOSS corps for teaching FLOSS-based solutions,with
an aim to uplifting the poor.
  o Jayasimha Makhineni:
      Moodle for Hindi and Telugu languages
  o Hari Prasad Nadig
      Aspell dictionary, and localisation work in Kannada
  o Fred Noronha
      Book of stories about FLOSS work in India, Asia, and Africa.
  o Santhosh Thottingal:
      Aspell Malayalam spelling checker
  Please contact floss AT sarai DOT net should you have any
further queries. For a public discussion on this topic, please
address posts to the Sarai PRC mailing list:


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