Monday, December 31, 2007

Honey, I shrunk the pics...

How to shrink picture sizes on the fly and dynamically?

You know that newer Digital camera now comes with 39 Megapixel and the trend will go upward further. Now, when you try to send these huge files to your friend via email or want to upload somewhere in the web, unless it is for taking large print or of some academic value, LARGE photos are normally useless for the user when used in e-mails and web sites. A web page with smaller photo tends to load quickly. And it is an established truth that your reader may go away from your page if it does not load within 10-15 seconds.


There were hundreds of tool available to manipulate picture size. But, these two very convenient, on the fly picture size conversion freeware tool may be your ultimate friend:


1 - Windows Powertoys [Download] - Simply download this tool, install it and it is ready to convert your picture size on virtually anywhere where your context menu appear. Right Click on any picture and select Resize Picture context menu, and select appropriate picture size and you are done.

2 - Shrink Pic [Download] - Download and install this tool if you send large quantities of pictures to your friends or clients or you are involved in  serious Photoblogging. This tool converts large pictures to  web/email friendly small size pictures on the fly (you don't need to do anything once you install and configure it. It remains sit on system tray and once you attach a picture in your mail, it gets activated, and reduces the attached picture size.). It works equally great in Email Clients like Outlook or Thunderbird and Web mail like YahooMail or Gmail. If you photoblog with email, this tool may be your ultimate one.


In Linux, there were many programs you can use (for a normal user, not an advanced one who can use scripts;) such as GIMP, Krita etc. but they need manual manipulations.


Maybe, you have used other similar applications worth mentioning. Please let us in your comments.

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Anonymous said...

What I prefer is called Picasa. It's written by Google and available under for Windows and Mac and Linux (the Linux version is not so easy to find, but it's there). Give it a try, it's free, and it can shrink, mail, change, rotate, edit pictures in many ways. It's especially good at organizing large collections and easy to use (at the price of beeing not very flexible). I like and recommend it.

Cheerio, Alexander!

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