Sunday, December 30, 2007

Murphy’s Law of New Year

Murphy’s New Year laws

· New year comes with new problems

· New year comes with new, strange problems

· New year comes with old resolutions.

· In New year, old resolutions are taken with gravity to forget about it with equal gravity.

· New year’s resolutions goes the same way as old ones – remain unfulfilled.

· New year’s resolutions are easy to take but impossible to fulfill.

· New years first morning always comes with a hangover.

· New year passes same like old one.

· New year comes with same, old thing.

· In New year, your thoughts will not do magic either.

· New year comes late and goes fast.

· In New year – progress is eternal – in taxation, pollution, inflation, viruses, spam…

· In New year, you will have new thoughts that will not work either.

· New year’s experience will remain as old one.

· Smile. New year will be tough.

· For any given person, his or her best New years had already been past.

· Time passes, (new) years gets accumulated.

· New year goes the same way as old one and if you try to shift other way, it tries harder to go same way.

· You can’t buy happiness in this New year too.

· You won’t be new in New year.

· New year is great for everyone, but unfortunately, it comes a year or two later.

· Tanks, a bad year had passed. Worst comes as New year.

· Opportunity does not arrive in a New year. Either it had come with the past one or will come a year or two later.

· New year comes with great opportunity for great mistakes.

· History repeats itself. In New year, it will remain so.

· New year does not prove anything worthwhile.

· New years’ party’s intensity is directly proportional to how hard the going year had been experienced.

· New year brings you new expectations and left as it is after a year.

· New year can’t change anything. Including you.

· There is big myth that there is a thing like New year.

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