Monday, December 10, 2007

How to type Unicode Hindi in Remington (Krutidev series) Keyboard in Linux?

Online, the easiest way-

Use this online tool (you can use it offline too by saving it at appropriate location,)

Offline way, you need to install a remington binary file for scim:

Make sure you have installed latest version of SCIM.

Download this binary file - dev.remington.bin from here:

And copy it to /usr/share/scim/tables.

Restart SCIM.

There should now be an entry for Remington
under Hindi.

You can also copy
to /usr/share/scim/icons.

(thanks to Gora Mohanti, gora at sarai dot net for the offline tip)

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Pankaj said...

Hi Ravi,

इस की बोर्ड को ट्राई कर के देखे |‌

we have corrected the order of matras and a few more problems with a few akshars, that made the typical available remington keyboards different from native remington or kruti dev style typing.

Warm regards,

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