Monday, December 10, 2007

Why not to purchase Compaq Pressario Notebook V3225AU!

I had blogged about certain issues that I had faced with this particular unit in my previous post. The main reasons were - Its 64 bit Hardware was bundled with 32 bit operating system, and it is getting too hot to handle at its bottom!

After a few months of use, its optical drive starts giving trouble. To get it repaird, I had to submit it at Indore - that is 130 KM away from my location!

Anyway, I finally submitted the said unit to My local Vendor Satyam Computers Ratlam on 29th November 2007. It was delivered to Redington Indore on Dated 1-12-2007. But was refused since they do not accept on Saturdays and Sundays. Finally, it was delivered on 3-12-2007 for repair! (And, you talk about 24x7 service man!)

After 10 days, I got my repaired Laptop on dated 10-12-07. And, shockingly I found that the DVD drive is not reading any CD/DVD. After repair, the laptop was received in worst condition. I resubmitted the said unit for repair again, and am keeping my fingers crossed - when will I get my laptop back, and in good condition? Meanwhile, people at Redington Indore don't talk nice. I had registered a complain to HP-COMPAQ. Let us see what happened.

Meanwhile, I advise my readers to stay away from purchasing such type of faulty pieces. Further, always purchase Laptop/Notebook of brands that give you ON-SITE warranty or at least their service centers were located nearby you. I had burned my fingers, and I will not let this to my readers.

Following is the TEXT of complaint I had lodged at HP-Compaq site:

My Compaq Pressario Notebook V3225AU - Sl. No. (S)2CE7214Q0X, Product No. (1P)RY301PA#ACJ had giving me error in reading DVD/CD Rom drive. The said unit was deposited to HP service center REDINGTON INDORE for repair. The said unit was deposited on dated 3-12- 2007 to rectify the problem in reading CD/DVD ROM drive.

The unit was only repaired and delivered on dated 8-12- 2007 - i.e. after 6 days. With utter dismay, It was found that the unit was not reading any CD/DVD media - while earlier it was reading some. The repaired unit was received in worst condition.

The said unit is again submitted today to Redington Indore, India for repair.

The technician at Redington Indore called me for administrative password of my Laptop. Which, in my opinion, was completely unnecessary, and I refused for that. Another person misbehaved and blamed me that I had installed 3 Pirated Operating System, and that could be the reason behind not running CD / DVD. But the said laptop was not BOOTING with live bootable CD / DVDs. Neither it is reading and writing any CD/DVDs

I am very much disappointed with this Compaq Laptop, its AFTER SELLS SERVICES particularly of Redington Indore and all that. I am going to advise my friends and my blog readers to stay away from buying such product.

Please look in to the matter and solve my problem at the earliest.

PS- I am using computers since last 20 years or so. I am a proud owner of COMPAQ PRESSARIO Notebook that had come with 8 MB RAM and 250 MB HDD (a premium hardware combination then). And, this ancient piece is still working (Win95) perfectly!


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Any thing happened as yet or not?

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