Friday, May 30, 2008

Finally, Windows XP / Vista goes true Multilingual

Finally, Windows XP / Vista goes true Multilingual, the way I had always wanted.

Thanks to KDE4 port to Windows, NOW you can run your applications and programs (you can choose among 100s such from KDE4) within Window in true Multilingual style. Here is how:

Download the Latest KDE4Windows installer from here. And run it.

Select applications, program packages and LANGUAGES you want to use among many supported languages at KDE4Windows installer options.

Once the KDE4Windows installed, start KDE4 applications and click on Help. You will see “Switch Application Language” dropdown menu. Select the language you want, and click OK. Restart the application. Your application will be up and running in new language environment. You can start as many applications in as many languages as you want (only one instances of one application) and there is virtually no limitations!

(click on image to see larger picture)

The above screenshot shows running some popular KDE Games apps in Hindi, Nepali, Tamil and Panjabi languages simultaneously within Windows XP.

For detailed instructions to how to install KDE4 in Windows, refer this and this articles.

Update : New kde4windows installer can add Windows Program Menu entries, from where you can run kde 4 applications. See screenshot below. As you can see, menu appears in Localized languages (here,Hindi) too:

(click on image to see larger image)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hindi Spell Checker Plugin for Firefox

Here is the first ever release of Hindi Spell checker plugin / addon for Firefox. It works well in FF version through 1.5 to 3.x.

Download and install Hindi Spell checker Addon for firefox from here.


To use, type in Hindi in any input box within Firefox and right click anywhere in Input box and then select Hindi Spell Check. Misspelled words will be underlined with red marks. Right click on them and select the suggested, appropriate word. You can add new Hindi word by selecting Add this Word.

Here is some example -


Check spelling on Google Indic Transliteration :

firefox spell check add on v3


Check spelling in Blogger post editor :

 firefox spell check add on v3 a

Misspelled Word suggestion:

firefox spell check add on v3 b

For detailed instructions to how to use Hindi Spell Checker Firefox plugin, pl see this page (Hindi)

Thanks to G. Karunakar for providing Hindi-Words (Approx. 1 Lakh, some needs proof-reading though.)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Do you double check the web addresses?

To avoid phishing, double check the web addresses. Especially, those where you need to input information about yourself.

The above picture is a screenshot of a fake phishing website, fully loaded to cheat you. But it looks more authentic than Google.

So, double check the address. And if you feel suspected, try PhishTank to verify.


Photo courtesy F-secure

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How to split Unicode text files?

There are hundreds of File splitter and merger utility available for you to choose and use.

But only a few support Unicode. If you try to split Unicode text files through non unicode supported tool, your data may lost and all you end up collecting Garbage.

Here is a nice utility called JR Split Files that you can use to split / merge Unicode text files. The tool is tiny one, merely of 170 KB. Simply download from here, unzip it and start using. No installation required, and the interface is pretty straight forward.

You can ALSO define in how many parts (byte size) you want your files.

How to install Windows live writer in Windows XP?

Windows live writer is one of the best blog publishing tool as of now. But it had one of the worst installation tool (for XP at least) and you get many errors during installation. Here is your workaround :

(1) If you have earlier version of windows, then pl install SP2, or at least download and install latest .net framework from here. Current one is version 3.5

(2) Download and Install latest Windows installer. The latest one at the time of writing this article can be had from here

(3) Download and Install IE 7 from here

(4) Finally, Download and install Windows Live installer from here.

The download links were direct one and were working fine at the time of writing this article.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Adsense goes truly contextual.

Since last week, Adsense program had gone truly contextual. That is, it had stopped displaying adsense advertisement on pages which are in Adsense-non-supported languages. Though it is continuing displaying Referral Ads. Many users have confirmed this. And, if you view these non English language pages translated in English through Google translate tool, advertisement dynamically reappears. Earlier, once you signed up with any supported language such as English language as Language option, it lets continue to display advertisement in English to non supported languages pages such as in Hindi Blogs.

Now, unsupported language users such as Hindi walah have no option but to wait till Adsense program start supporting their language or hunt for other option to monetize their web pages. But then there were very limited choice in the offing. Anyway, Adsense program for non supported language such as implementation on Hindi (it was always taken as experimental) was not delivering things up to the mark and except a very few, most users were waiting for their first cheque from Google. Even, that dream had vanished for now.

Let us hope, Google adsense program will soon start supporting all the languages on the web.

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