Monday, June 02, 2008 : Decorated sans Unicode support

adobe buzzword unicode not supported

The all new online office suit - is all set to alter user experience of any given web application. This online office suit has most beautifully decorated web interface, its Flash based design is real fast and cool animated menus were cool to your eyes too. You can export, import and share your document as any other web office application.

But it has many glitches too. For example, it has Flash based login form instead of plain HTML that may hinder simple copy paste login.

The biggest letdown factor is lack of Unicode support. When you try to enter Unicode character in Buzzword documents, all you will see were dots. However, while copy pasting the same to local notepad, Unicode characters magically reappears. It indicates that may be there were some problem in displaying and rendering Unicode characters.

Still, offers many new, funky features that users will love and adore.

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