Monday, June 02, 2008

Google’s top 10 flop

new google favicon 

Google is #1 web company delivering many superb web apps – most of them free for most users. It doesn’t mean Google had not delivered Flops.


PC word had complied list of top 10 Google flop

1 Google X

2 Google Catalogue

3 Google Video Player

4 Google Web Accelerator

5 Google Answer

6 Google Coupons

7 Google Video Search

8 Google Voice Search

9 Google Viewer

10 Google Checkout


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I had tried Google Web Accelerator, and it simply didn’t worked for me. In my Google Flop list, I want to add Google Desktop Search. It simply had not worked for me the way I had wanted. It keeps throwing me duplicate history search results, and indexing and storing gigs of data in my HDD partitions. Carry Beagle is better, so as Windows Desktop search.

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