Tuesday, June 03, 2008

By Goosh ! it is equally great for localized search too!

Everybody is excited about new, browser based, command line search tool Goosh. The very concept and easy of web app had steal the hearts of one and sundry.

Another best part of the Goosh is – it is equally compatible and efficient while searching in Localized languages. It means, Goosh is fully Unicode enabled.

Here is my take on Goosh with Hindi language:

I gave the command –

guest@goosh.org:/web> blogs मुंहफट

And the result is :

goosh blog search

Pretty good and admirable, neat and clean and well, EXACT – what I had wanted in first place.

Then I tried to Translate I Love You in Hindi. For this, I gave following command in Goosh:

guest@goosh.org:/web> translate en hi I love you

And the result is –

goosh english- hindi translation

Again, perfect. Though the translations of long sentences got meaningless - but then it is no fault of Goosh but that is of Google translator tool itself.

Long live Goosh. I want many more command to be included it it soon. For example – this one:

>email a@a.com Hello how are you

Will send my message Hello how are you to a@a.com. And what about this –

>twitter a.twitter.com ***** Right now I am writing a review on Goosh

Will publish Twitter post Right now I am writing a review on Goosh to my twitter account.

Well, the options and wish list are endless….

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