Thursday, October 30, 2008

Chhattisgarhi Operating System will now be a reality very soon

I was dreaming for this since long-long ago. Now it will be a reality. Sarai had accepted to support Chhattisgarhi Localization of KDE. Here is the mail by which  Gora announced this. Maithly and Gujarati were another language among accepted projects :



Hello everyone,  It gives us great pleasure to announce the list of fellowsfor the 2008 Sarai FLOSS fellowship programme.

The number of fellowships
this year represents a dramatic increase from pastyears. We are thankful to NIXI, and in particular, to theirCEO, Mr. Rajesh Aggarwal for their
generosity in making somany fellowships possible. Below is the list of 21 awardees.

The list is also availableonline at <> .

We will be in touch with each of the fellows, andalso with anyone who sent in a proposal by the coming weekend.Please feel free to write to me with any queries, and/orconcerns. The final list is:   1. Debayan Banerjee/Sawood Alam: Joint award for OCR in Urdu, Bengali, etc., based on Google Tesseract 

2. Abhishek Choudhary et al: Hindawi is a system to allow programming in Indian languages. This project proposes to build online courseware to introduce the various components of Hindawi, to improve the project documentation, create a syllabus around Hindawi, distribute live CDs, and hold lectures.  

3. Hassath: Making of a short film using FOSS tools, documenting the process, and listing pros and cons of the applications.  

4. Sachin Joshi: Integrating automated speech recognition (ASR) for Hindi into the Linux platform.  

5. Aadil Kak: Kashmiri font completion, and localisation of KDE 4.2.  

6. Friji Karthikeyan: Internet Radio framework, with interface to, and hosting on  

7. Satya Komaragiri: Speech-to-text support in OLPC, with Hindi ASR.  

8. Manu Konchady: FOSS online tutor to teach students new languages, using text-to-speech, and a web-based framework.  

9. Ajay Kumar: Sahana client on Openmoko mobiles. Sahana is the disaster relief management system used for the Bihar floods, tsunami, etc. 

10. Sangeeta Kumari: Maithili localisation of KDE4.2, Fedora, and the Chatzilla IM client. 

11. Pranav Madhyastha / Sriram Chaudhary: Joint award to develop a system of machine translation (MT) from English to Hindi.
This will consist of a web framework to assist improvement of the background engine, and work on an open-source MT engine, Anusaaraka. 

12. Helen Mary: Open-source database, and tools to study mental retardation. 

13. Kartik Mistry: Gujarati localisation of KDE 4.2, usability workshop, and some internationalisation work for KDE 

14. Rajeev Sebastian: Indic text rendering in Scribus, a page layout (DTP) application, using the Harfbuzz library. 

15. Shishir Sharma et al: Intelligent Transliteration from Romanised English to Hindi 

16. Syed Shikeb: Urdu localisation of KDE 4.2. 

17. Ravishankar Shrivastava: Chhatisgarhi localisation of KDE 4.2. 

18. Sreeraj R: Adding feature to System Verilog support for ICARUS. System Verilog is a hardware description, and verification language (HDVL) used, e.g., to program FPGAs. 

19. Srujanika: Addition to Oriya dictionary, including scientific and technical terms. 

20. Shamail Tayyab: Web-based secure P2P. Promotes sharing in a community-based way 

21. C S Yoganada: Extend Sagar (TeX) to Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi,Gujarati and Oriya





Congrats to all!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

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Still, you can subscribe BigB's blog in your favorite Rss readers and E-mail client that support RSS feeds. The feed address of BigAdda - BigB blog is:

Further, If you want to get email alert on your inbox, (Once in a day - provided that there is new post by AB, by ) here is a workaround - burn that feed as a new feed in Feedburner, and get subscribed yourself. If you think this is too complicated, I had deviced it for you. Simply fill your e-mail address in the box given below, click on subscribe button, confirm the subscription as directed and you are done.

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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Windows Vista Resource Kit : A valuable reference book for all

windows vista resource kit review

Windows Vista Resource Kit (Updated for Service pack 1) is jointly authored by Mitch Tulloch, Tony Northrup, Jerry Honeycutt with Microsoft Windows Vista team and Published by Microsoft Press. It may be considered as valuable, complete reference book for Windows Vista. A must for Windows Vista System administrator, since book had not only covered all new features of Windows Vista, but had few dedicated chapters on Windows Vista Troubleshooting.

The book’s content is divided in 6 parts namely,

  1. Overview : What’s New, Improvement, security enhancement etc.
  2. Deployment : Setup and installation issues, testing application compatibility, configuring Windows etc.
  3. Desktop Management : Managing group policies, managing user disk & file system, bitlocker drive encryption in detail, managing printing, search, Internet Explorer etc.
  4. Desktop Maintenance : Desktop Health, software update etc.
  5. Networking : Configuring Firewall, remote users etc.
  6. Troubleshooting : Issues related to Setup, Startup, Hardware, Driver, Disk Issues etc.

Further, the book contains valuable, easy How to guide for practically every tough task. For example, here is a few list that is self explanatory :

  1. How to use startup and recovery dialogue box
  2. How to use system configuration tool
  3. How to use BCDEdit…

And so on…

The book is voluminous one and above stated 6 parts of the book had been further divided in to 32 detailed well crafted chapters. The book is full of illustrations and minutest of Vista’s aspect such as “how to use on-screen keyboard” had been illustrated. The book’s language is simple, the format is well designed for easy navigation and at the end, you can find glossary where you can search for the topics with the given keyword.

So, if you are going to work on Vista for quite some time, then go no further. Consider owning this book and you will never regret for your decision.


Windows Vista Resource Kit (Second Edition)

Authors : Mitch Tulloch, Tony Northrup, Jerry Honeycutt with Microsoft Windows Vista team.

Publisher : Microsoft Press

ISBN No. 9780735625969

Pages : 1969, with a companion CD

Price : $69.99 Discounted price &44.09 at

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Top missing features in Google Android Smart Phone

5 biggest flaws in google android mobile phone

Ok, ok, T-mobile’s G1 with Google Android is one hell big smart phone. But it had following missing features that makes it no smart in any way:

1 It can show your location with the help of GPS and Google Maps. It can even show you your way if you happen to live in some selected cities. I know my place’s position well. Can this piece of marvel tell you the position of the caller at the other end? Is it smart enough to tell me that the caller is calling either from his bathroom or is he actually on roming as he is claiming?

2 It can tell you description about the caller – which a simple phone can also do. But this smart phone can’t tell about the mood of the caller. For example, you are prepared to have a romantic chat with your fiancĂ© or want to have a lovely conversation with your boss in the morning, but eventually you ended up receiving endless nags. And you say your phone is smart! Huh!

3 Can this smart phone – or any smart phone if that matters - tell you “Brother, you are going to misplace me right now, so be cautious” No! And it isn’t any smart either.

4 OK, when it get lost, it can lock & encrypt sensitive data so that no one can use it. But if some one stole it for forensic analysis – e.g. your fiancĂ© – then can it destroy itself with all its sensitive data?

5 Agreed, your smart phone can do host of work that include entertaining you with audio-video, games, help you in your office work, can automatically order pizza… etc. But, is it smart enough to turn pages of news paper that you are reading right now? It can not prepare steaming hot coffee for you either.

Are you still going to say it as Smart? May be some day, in near future it may become one.

(picture courtesy - Gizmodo)

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