Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How to connect to Internet through Nokia CDMA phones in Windows 7?

For Net connections, Nokia PC / Nokia Ovi suit isn’t working in Windows 7 for CDMA phones. Nokia had stopped support/update for their CDMA phones.

So, how would you connect to Internet through your Nokia CDMA phones?

It is assumed that you have CDMA Phone with standard Bluetooth Modem - such as Nokia 6275i

Insure that your phone's bluetooth is on, and your computer has bluetooth support, enabled.

In Windows 7, Go to control panel, click on connect to internet, and then from there, create a new connection Say, Reliance (for Reliance India Network) with

standard settings - such as "username" and "password" as your "Mobile phone number" and Dialing Number #777.

 nokia cdma connection setting

1 - Right click on Bluetooth Devices.

2 - Go to modem settings

3 - In modem tabs, you will see many modems here. Click on standard modem over Bluetooth link.

4 - Click on properties.

5 - In  new window that appears, click on Change settings.

nokia cdma windows 7 connection setting

6 - Again a new window will appear, where you will find Extra initialization command - +CGDCONT=,,"#777". Delete

this, then click OK , Apply and you are done setting part. Now, to connect to internet through your mobile,

7 – On system tray’s Bluetooth Devices, right click on your mobile phone, then click on  Dial up networking > Reliance. It will

connect to internet instantly provided you accept this connection in your Phone.



Manish said...


we r using GSM phones...
but for future...:) :)
bahut mazaa aayega... friends ke samne dhaak jamane me...

i'm using ubuntu 9.10 also and i'm only person in my friend circle.... who can create bluetooth connection for net surfing.

kabhi sochta hu ki main bhi apne tips (for linux) blog par likhu but time nahin milta....

i think, u know about that type of networking..

because tussi great ho ji....

Anonymous said...

Hello Sir it was nice that u written this for other people.
But my phone cannot connect through it, I have nokia 6275 with reliance.
When i m dialing the connection it my phone is saying that bluetooth connection is failed.
and my pc showing Error 692 i dont understand what the problem is.
can u pls help me out?
Thanks in advance


Raviratlami said...

You must enable Bluetooth in BOTH your PC and Mobile for this to work.

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