Monday, October 11, 2010

Top missing features in Tata DOCOMO OneTouch Net Phone

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Ok, ok, Tata DOCOMO OneTouch Net Phone is one hell great smart phone. But it had following missing features that makes it no smart in any way:

It can show your location with the help of GPS and Google Maps. It can even show you your way if you happen to live in some selected cities. I know my place’s position well. Can this piece of marvel tell you the position of the caller at the other end? Is it smart enough to tell me that the caller is calling either from his bathroom or is he actually on roming with his GF as he is NOT claiming?

It can tell you description about the caller – which a simple, basic phone can also do. But this smart phone can’t tell about the mood of the caller. For example, you are prepared to have a romantic chat with your fiancĂ© or want to have a lovely conversation with your boss in the morning, but eventually you ended up receiving endless nags & brags. And you say your phone is smart! Huh!

Can this smart phone – or any smart phone if that matters - tell you “Brother, you are going to misplace me right now, so be cautious” No! And it isn’t any smart either to tell its own location if you misplace it somewhere and desperately searchig for it.

OK, when it get lost, it can lock & encrypt sensitive data so that no one can use it. And it has mobile tracker. But if some one stole it for forensic analysis – e.g. your fiancĂ© – then can it destroy itself with all its sensitive data?

Agreed, Tata DOCOMO OneTouch Net Phone can do host of work that include entertaining you with audio-video, games, help you in your office work, can automatically order pizza… etc. But, is it smart enough to turn pages of news paper that you are reading right now? It can not prepare steaming hot coffee for you either.

Are you still going to buy Tata DOCOMO OneTouch Net Phone?
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umapoems said...

Interesting write..I dont know whether you are supporting Tata or the reverse ..but what you said was made me think ;)

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Ecommerce Solutions said...

Good Research of Missing Features..Thank you for telling us some missing features...

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