Friday, December 29, 2006

How to convert your Indic Unicode documents in to PDF - Online

Converting Indic (say, Hindi or Tamil) Unicode Word Documents in to PDF

Unicode word documents are hard to convert in to PDF. Many applications still lacks native Unicode support.

There is a nice online, free file conversion service called Zamzar that you can use to convert many file formats, including DOC/PDF of up to 100 MB size.

You have to upload your file through its simple web interface, and you will get e-mail alert with link to download converted file after a little while. Conversion from Unicode Indic (Hindi) Microsoft Word document to PDF document was indeed good, and all the formatting and web links were preserved. However, the reverse process (Unicode PDF to word file conversion) makes the document unusable since it had many errors. Still, the converted document is readable and understandable, and with little editing, you can use it.

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How to convert Indic Unicode documents in to PDF

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